Individual Contribution


Szymon Stoma (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany) Szymon is the founder of the project which is the result of following his dream about microscopy driven simulations for biological systems. He implemented the prototype of the system, cares for the project visibility, manages and coordinates the project by doing 1001 invisible things. Currently he is doing everything to guarantee project survival since we are not supported officially by any organization.

Edda Klipp (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany) Edda is a full professor at HUB, allowing Szymon to follow his passion. She is supporting us with the theoretical view on the role of models in Systems Biology as well as contacting us with potential biological collaborators.

Michalis Kamburelis (University of Wroclaw, Poland) Michalis is an independent game developer, being an expert in Computer Graphics. He is constantly supporting us with his knowledge of Computer Graphics tools and techniques.

Ralph Gauges (University of Heidelberg, Germany) Ralph is one of the main developers of COPASI, one of the most influential software for non-spatial simulations in Systems Biology. Ralph helps us in defining the formal formats for STSE simulations.


Maciej Zagozda (Intelitech, United Kingdom) Maciej is working for FTSE, a company providing stock market indices, however at night he converts himself into an ISV (Independent Software Developer) who remotely runs his company in Poland. He generously supports us by providing the infrastructure.

Ivo Maintz (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany) Ivo is a system administrator at Theoretical Biophysics Departament at HUB. He is also a man whose hands build SBOS which is the linux distribution dedicated to Systems Biology. Ivo is helping us in integrating of the STSE inside of the distribution, solving all dependency problems.

Christopher Pradal (CIRAD, France) Christopher is a project lider of Openalea, an open source project primarily aimed at the plant research community. Christophe helps us to keep STSE coherent with openalea guidlines, which allow us to keep high quality of code and documentation.

Antoni Wilinski (WPUT, Poland) Prof. Wilinski is a Dean of Computer Science Department@WPUT who supported us in many various situations. Because of this cooperation, we could develop STSE together with WPUT students, which was very fruitful (check here for details).